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As a Financial Advisor Marketing Consultant, we are known for helping financial advisors:

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We are former professionals in the financial industry. As a result, we have unique insights into what your business needs to flourish. Above all, our decades of marketing experience means we can make it happen.

We're marketers, but we're also JUST LIKE YOU. Not every client that comes in the door is the same. Likewise, not every client that walks through your doors is the same. They each have different goals, needs, different cash flow, different assets.

Consequently, you build a financial plan based on their unique needs. In other words, you start by listening. So do we!

Financial Advisor Marketing Consultant Start by Listening
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Our Clients Are Unique & Different

  • Different goals.
  • Different needs.
  • Each client is in a different stage.
  • They face different challenges.

Therefore, the marketing plan we build with you is built based upon your UNIQUE situation. BUT, we've streamlined the process so well, that it's a quick, easy, painless process.

Financial Advisor Marketing Consultant Beginning

During our time as financial advisors, we realized we had a special knack for generating new clients. Consequently, associates repeatedly asked us what our secret was. After explaining what a “funnel” is too many times to count, it became clear that this was an under-served community. In other words, they desperately needed marketing help.

Despite our limited marketing knowledge at that time, we helped many associates set up successful marketing campaigns. That is to say, our first-hand experience and intimate understanding of our clients’ unique needs and goals was the key to that success.

Financial Advisor Marketing Consultant

MMRIA Marketing Established

Financial Advisor Marketing Consultant

As a result, when MMRIA was eventually founded, it was done so on the principle of “The Relationship Method.” This means that we do not operate in a typical customer-vendor model. Rather, we work together in a trusted partnership relationship model. We achieve this by taking the time to really understand our clients in order to find the ideal solution. A big part of which is to ask questions, listen and learn. To sum up, we build trust through total access and extreme transparency in what we do, why, and how.

As Financial Advisor Marketing Consultants, our marketing knowledge and skills are leaps and bounds from when we created that first funnel over a decade ago. However, our “secret” for generating breakthrough business results for RIAs, CFPs, and financial advisors remains unchanged. In short, we use our financial background and the drive to deeply understand our clients.

What can we do for you?​

We are known for helping financial professionals grow their firms.

Advisor Centered

Because of our background as financial advisors, we focus on helping RIAs, CFPs, and Financial Advisors. Our commitment is to help advisors grow their firms so that they can make a greater impact and help more people.


If you dive into digital marketing without a plan, it's easy to burn a lot of time and money while producing minimal returns. "Roadmapping" your marketing strategy prevents that.

Personal Guidance

You're a pro at financial planning, not marketing. But with a Financial Advisor Marketing Consultant by your side, you'll look like one. All it takes is a bit of guidance on what works today and a plan of action on what to do next.

Custom Tools

Are you using the right marketing tools? Or paying for tools you don't need. We'll review your marketing tools and provide suggestions custom-tailored to your unique needs.

Purpose Driven

Our marketing strategies set their sights beyond just implementing typical marketing tactics. Instead, we aim for outcomes. The real results.

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Meet the Team

We are known for helping financial advisory professionals grow their firms.


Financial Advisor Marketing Consultant Kathryn de Vries

Kathryn de Vries

Financial Advisor Marketing Consultant Hendrik de Vries

Hendrik de Vries


Our Team

Cassie Duncan

Graphic / Web Designer

Wim Hoeving

Creative / Copywriter

Kevin Karls

Web Developer

Kerstin Björklund

Sales Funnel Specialist

Ninna Nyström

Digital Marketing Strategist

Jake Bloemendal

Automation Specialist

Our Chief Morale Officer

Financial Advisor Marketing Consultant Director of Office Morale Logan

Logan (aka Bubba aka Bubbabooie aka Da Bubba aka ODB - Original Da Bubba)


Years Experience




Happy Clients


Success Stories

A few of our Certifications

Marketing Automation

As Drip Certified Consultants, we help our clients automate their marketing to send the right message, at the right time, to the right prospect.

Conversion Marketing

We are Conversion Marketing Certified. We build high-performing funnels for our clients that deliver a consistent stream of qualified leads.

Sales CRM

As Pipedrive Partners, we help our clients streamline their marketing and sales activities from start to finish. We automate everything for your success.

Note: We also have extensive experience with platforms such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, Ontraport, PlusThis, EasyWebinar, Typeform, Zapier, and many more.

Featured In

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Guest blog for one of the leading publications in the advisor industry. 

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Conversion Marketing Success Story

Conversion Marketing success story. "How Mingle Media 10Xs Their Clients' Business Results"

"Do You Love Your Customers? 4 Ways to Show the Love"

Guest blog for the #1 SEO platform. 

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Blogging 101: 3 Steps to Success

Guest blog and instructional Webinar for the leading Senior Care Industry Blog.

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