Plug-and-Play RIA Funnels

RIA Leads Funnel

With our plug-and-play RIA Leads Funnel system, you just flip the switch to quickly and efficiently get more qualified leads and clients for your firm.

What's in it for you?

RIA Leads Funnel Features

While you focus on helping your clients, your automated RIA Leads Funnel system is hard at work attracting prospects, qualifying them, and nurturing them to set an appointment with you.

Saves Time

Spend more time with your clients. The grunt work of getting more clients is done for you.

More Clients

With plug-and-play funnels, never worry about where your next client will come from again.

Higher ROI

Funnels proven to produce 300%+ ROI in the first year alone and a 2,000%+ ROI over 5 years.

More Referrals

Getting referrals has never been easier with a plug-and-play referral funnel.

Steady Growth

Implement funnels to continually grow your Assets Under Management (AUM).

Saves Money

Efficiently get new clients at scale. Spend less and get so much more.

RIA Leads Funnel PDF

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We Drop You Off at the Finish Line

RIA Marketing Consistent Stream of Leads

You want to get more clients and referrals from all of your business development efforts, but don't have the time or know what strategies to use.

Imagine how much easier your life would be if prospects who were excited to work with you consistently appeared at your doorstep.

That's exactly what you get with an RIA Leads Funnel. It does the legwork and drops you off at the finish line to close the deal.


Year One increase in ROI


Five year increase in ROI


Increase in fee revenue over five years

RIA Leads Funnel

How It Works

  • Step 1 = Discover

    We work together to shape your RIA Leads Funnel based on your unique needs and goals.

  • Step 2 = Design

    Move from goals to plug-and-play funnels that get more clients, referrals and a higher ROI.

  • Step 3 = Deliver

    We put all the pieces together and flip the switch to “on” for more leads and clients.

“I always thought that making money has to be hard. MM RIA showed me it doesn’t. The funnel they created for me made growing my AUM much easier!

B.P., Plano, TX
Independent Advisor


“I struggled for years to get new clients. It was a huge burden and I hated cold-calling and aggressive networking. I wish I had found MM RIA sooner because implementing a funnel completely turned my business around. I highly recommend MM RIA.”

J.L., Richmond, VA
Registered Investment Advisor


“Wow! What a difference 6 months can make. The funnel MM RIA built for me has generated 5x the number of leads and doubled my AUM. Unreal. Thank you!”

J.C., Santa Clara, CA
Independent Advisor

Types of Automated RIA Funnels

RIA Leads Funnel


If you generate leads through speaking engagements, scale your efforts and reach a wider audience online to see 5x the results.


Get the most out of your ad spend by implementing an efficient and effective lead-generating funnel.


Increase leads 10x by capturing “warm” leads from your website and automating follow-up until they take action.

Opt-In Texts

Opt-in texts allow you to capture leads during presentations, networking events, podcasts, interviews...anywhere you go!


Turn your blog audience into leads. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and gets 3x the results.

Social Media

Leverage your social media audience to maximize leads and clients.


Maximize lead opportunities by automating requests for referrals through event or time triggered emails.

Qualify Leads

Don’t waste your valuable time on unqualified leads. A funnel can qualify leads before they speak to you.


Save time and increase efficiency by automating your process to onboard new clients.


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