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Financial Advisor Referrals

The Referral Generator is a financial advisor referral program that gives you a proven process to get more qualified referrals and increase AUM. Your clients want to refer to you. Use the Referral Generator to quickly and efficiently get more financial advisor referrals and RIA referrals.

Referral Generator Financial Advisor Referrals

What is this financial advisor referral program about?

You don't have a shortage of clients WILLING to refer you. Your clients like you, don’t they? But are they actively referring? Probably not. The industry average of clients that refer is 3%. The challenge is making it easy for them to refer.

Or maybe you have clients that do refer frequently and say things like, “Hey, I gave your name to my friend Susan. She just sold her business and needs your help.” You'll say, "Ok great! Thank you!" But then what? Wait...hope...pray that they call you?

The Referral Generator is a financial advisor referral program that helps you effectively request referrals and makes it easier for clients to refer you. It ends the hope and pray approach by making the process easier. The result? A consistent stream of qualified referrals!


Educate clients on ALL the ways (i.e. services) you can help them and their friends and family.

Clear Path

Turn "hope and pray" into "educate and engage." Give clients a clear path to refer you. Make it easy!


Actively engage with your clients. Get all of their needs addressed as well as their loved ones.

A Small Investment Now Leads to Greater Returns in the Future

Get More Financial Advisor Referrals with the Referral Generator

If you could immediately end the stress and frustration of getting referrals, what would that be worth to you?

 $20 is a small investment for a proven financial advisor referral program to quickly and efficiently get more referrals.


"The Referral Generator makes asking for referrals incredibly easy and WAY less awkward!  I’ve already brought on 3 new clients from referrals in 1 month. I’m really happy with the results."

S.D., Santa Clara, CA 
Registered Investment Advisor

"Just thinking about asking for referrals used to give me hives. But using a proven financial advisor referral program process, asking for referrals became a seamless part of client interactions. The Referral Generator  helped me get 20 qualified appointments from referrals in less than four months!

N.C., Somerville, NJ 
Independent RIA

“I’m floored this only cost $20! The countless hours this saved me, on top of the results the Referral Generator delivered – the value is through the roof. Thank you!

M.W., Windermere, FL 
Independent RIA

Financial Advisor Referral Program

What's included with the Referral Generator?

Quick Wins

Get proven tips and strategies to get all clients' assets under one roof and quickly get more referrals.


You will learn how to make it easy and seamless for your clients to refer their friends and loved ones.


Educate your clients about how to ensure that referrals set an appointment with you.


Give your clients a comprehensive list of all the services you offer with our list of services template.

Sample Scripts

Asking for referrals can be awkward. Use the scripts to confidently ask for referrals.


Questions? Ask as many questions as you need to get your Referral Engine running. We're here to help!

More Financial Advisor Referrals with the Referral Generator

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