Financial Advisor Marketing Plan: How to Consistently Get More Qualified Clients

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Hint: The “How to” in a Financial Advisor Marketing Plan = Roadmapping

If you’re driving from Chicago to Wally World in Anaheim, CA, you don’t just “drive southwest” to get there. You need to plan your route, where you’ll stop to sleep, and your literal roadmap. The same applies to a Financial Advisor Marketing Plan. If you dive headfirst without any prep work, it’s very easy to get lost and burn a lot of time and money. (Think ‘Griswold family’ in National Lampoon’s Vacation).

Without a solid digital marketing plan, you’ll end up with very little return on your investment. Roadmapping prevents this.

What Happens Without a Plan?

Without RIA Planning Financial Advisor Marketing Plan

The problem with digital marketing for RIAs and Financial Advisors is figuring out what exactly to do to generate a consistent stream of qualified clients for your firm.

From all the different digital tools and software to choose the seemingly endless number of marketing “gurus” telling you what to do, there is a LOT of noise out there. It’s overwhelming and confusing.

I’ve heard too many stories from RIAs and Financial Advisors about digital marketing not working for them or that they wasted a ton of money with little return. Worst of all are the stories I hear about getting burnt by so-called ‘digital marketing gurus’ pitching their ‘unique’ strategies.

As a result, there are a plethora of RIAs and Financial Advisors that have given up on digital marketing entirely. Understandably.

Financial Advisor Marketing Plan Failure to Plan RIA Marketing Plan

But there’s a simple solution. Keep reading and discover a proven way to get a consistent stream of qualified clients for your firm.

The Solution = Come with a Goal. Leave with a Plan.

As a Financial Planning Professional, the first thing you probably do when meeting with a prospective client is to ask a lot of questions about their current financial situation, needs, and goals.

Because just like a road trip to Wally World, you need to know where you are now and where you want to go in order to find the most efficient way to get there.

What would you do if a financial planner recommended a cookie-cutter plan without taking the time to understand your unique needs and goals? Probably head for the exit.

The same applies to digital marketing for RIAs and Financial Advisors. Before we engage with a new client on a project, we do a Roadmapping session.

Roadmapping is where we work together to take a deep dive into your firm, the problem you’re trying to solve and your goals. Then we discuss all of the possible solutions before choosing the best.

Best Financial Advisor Marketing Plan Best RIA Marketing Plan Roadmapping

You’ll walk away with a custom marketing plan to quickly and efficiently reach your goals. This means you won’t go over budget or waste time on marketing strategies that may not fit your needs.

Does that sound like a simple solution to a WAY overcomplicated problem? Roadmapping takes the guesswork out of digital marketing. (Click here to check out the Marketing Plan for Financial Advisors Generator. Take a short quiz and you’ll receive a custom marketing plan to help you quickly and efficiently reach your goals. It’s a game-changer!)

Why Roadmapping? Better Outcomes. More Control. Reduced Risk.

Roadmapping your Financial Advisor Marketing Plan Roadmapping RIA Marketing Plan

If you learned nothing from Clark Griswold, hopefully, it’s clear to you now that without a plan, you’ll end up wasting time and money…and it won’t be nearly as funny. As a financial planner, Roadmapping is an absolute no-brainer for multiple reasons but here are the two main benefits:

One = Better Outcomes.

Roadmapping produces a results-driven custom plan based on your unique situation, goals, and needs. Every firm is different. So a cookie-cutter proposal that many marketing agencies send over after a 10-minute call with you, may not be the most effective and efficient solution for you. Maybe you need to refresh your Financial Advisor Website. Maybe not.

The primary goal of Roadmapping, on the other hand, is to find the BEST solution for you.

Two = Transformation.

After your Roadmapping session, you will feel in control. Roadmapping eliminates the guesswork of digital marketing. It saves you time and money. It even reduces risk by focusing on a proven plan that actually generates a return on your investment.

Outcome = Results-driven custom plan based on your goals and needs.
Transformation = In control. Eliminate guesswork. Save time & Money.
Benefits = Reduce risk with a focused plan that actually generates a return.
Benefits = WAY more accurate estimates on the time and money needed to reach your goal.

Next Steps to Your Financial Advisor Marketing Plan

I suggest you ask yourself similar questions you ask your very own clients. What are your goals? Where do you see your firm in the next year, 5 years, 10 years? Above all, how are you going to accomplish your goals?

Want to learn more about our Roadmapping process? Start here.

Better yet, schedule a 1-on-1 conversation with me personally. Our conversation will NOT be a sales pitch. We will simply have an open conversation about your goals and needs.

Having said that, the graphic below illustrates the typical results that our clients experience when working with us.

Imagine your next 12 months to looking like this:

RIA Marketing Strategy Roadmapping Results to Expect

Whether you choose to work with us or not, my #1 priority is for you to walk away from our conversation with tremendous value. I guarantee you will feel that our conversation was time well spent.

To your continuous success,


P.S. If you’re more of a DIYer, click here to learn more about the Marketing Plan for Financial Advisors Generator.

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